Guyton United Methodist Church

Guyton UMC had its beginnings as the Andrew Chapel. This Chapel was one of a number of congregations known as the Springfield Circuit. It is believed the church had its beginning in 1810.

The first known tract of land that was granted to the trustees of the Andrew Chapel was a deed dated in 1844. Mr. Thomas Elkins donated the land and a chapel was built. The location of the Chapel was the south side of River Road, also known today as Church Ridge, which was one and 1/2 miles west of Whitesville, now Guyton.

The first quarterly Conference record of the Springfield Circuit was held in March 1846 at Antioch Church. The records reveal that the churches on the Circuit were: Andrew Chapel (Guyton Church), Antioch Church, Tuckeeking, Turkey Branch, Springfield, Union, Gaskin, and Shiloh.

The Reverend J.C. Simmons was the presiding Elder and John Marshall the preacher in charge. In addition, there were 2 additional preachers; seven class leaders; three Stewards; one secretary; three Sunday schools; three Superintendents; nineteen teachers and seventy-two scholars. Salaries for the year were approved for the eight chapels. The total was $195.00 dollars. The yearly salary for the Andrew Chapel was $25.00.

In 1848, the property where the Church now stands was acquired by the Church Council. Later that year a church was erected. The church was moved to its present location to allow the road to come through. The church has had several additions and remodeling projects accomplished. During the Civil War years from 1861 through 1865, the church was designated an auxiliary hospital. The church was used to attend to both Union and Confederate troops medical needs.

Whitesville Methodist Church

On June 21, 1862, the Andrew Chapel had its name changed at the third quarterly conference. It was named the Whitesville Methodist Church. The church was known by this name until 1885 when it was changed to Guyton Methodist Church.

On January 30th, 1869 the last quarterly conference for the Springfield Circuit was held at Whitesville Methodist Church. At this time there were seven churches on the Springfield Circuit; Goshen, Mezpah, Mt. Pleasant, Springfield, Turkey Branch, Whitesville, and Union.

On November 24, 1883, the Trustees of the Whitesville Methodist Church, deeded to the Trustees of the Savannah District, the north portion of the lots owned by the Whitesville Methodist Church. The land was one hundred feet wide by four hundred sixty-six feet in depth.

Guyton Methodist Church

In 1886 Whitesville Methodist Church had another name change. It was changed to match the name of its city. Guyton Methodist Church.

The Marlow Methodist Church was organized in 1905 and became a part of the Guyton Circuit. In 1920 Marlow Methodist Church opted to remove its self from the Guyton Circuit.

In 1915, Pineora Methodist Church was added to the Guyton Circuit.

In 1923 Guyton became a Charge. In 1924 the Guyton Charge had the following churches as members: Guyton, Pineora, and Hubert. By 1930, the Guyton Charge had grown to a total of six churches: Guyton, Egypt, Eldora, Hubert, Oliver, and Pineora. 1962 brought another addition to the Guyton Charge, Marlow Methodist Church.

1959 brought another new addition to the church, a new parsonage. It was updated in 1967, by adding a den and new carpet.

The Guyton Memorial fellowship was begun in December of 1964 and completed in March 1965. It was given in loving memory of Robert H. and Julia S Guyton.